Wedding DIY – our wedding announcement

As you probably already know, we made a lot of things for the wedding ourselves. Enough was enough, and I'd share some of the DIY wedding decorations we used at our wedding. I was very inspired on Pinterest (who didn't, right?) 🙂 and then some decorations kind of emerged from the fact that I had to deal with a lot of things based on what I had or what the options were. In this article, I'm going to be dedicated to our wedding announcement.


For a long time, I've been thinking about how to hold the announcement. I didn't want a traditional announcement with some quotes that mostly sounded like clichés to me. I wanted some original wedding announcements. In the end, of all the ideas and inspiration, this came out:

And how did we make such a wedding announcement ourselves at home?

For such a wedding notice of a dimension slightly smaller than A5 you will need:

  • Kraft paper A4
  • business card paper A4 – light pink (marbled)
  • card paper white – we used for an invitation to a wedding party or to a table and info for wedding gifts
  • decorative scissors
  • glue / bi-sided duct – we used both, I glue, Filip duct
  • decorative lace rosettes (2 for one notice)
  • jute string
  • twigs of small eucalyptus (you can replace even with myrta or buxus, but eucalyptus lasted really long)
  • kraft envelope
  • Stamp
  • ink pad
  • Ink
  • heart punch (diameter 0.5 cm)


1. First, of course, we created the text we wanted to make on the announcement. Actually, we didn't want anything extra. Just basic information: who, what, where and when 🙂 I'll admit, I did it normally in Pages (Word on Mac) just to download the font. I used Noteworthy and Freebooter Script

2. We created and printed invitations to the wedding table and to the party (16 invitations to one A4 to make it dimensionally to notice), as well as information for wedding gifts.

3. We printed the notices on business card paper – 4 notifications per A4k paper. 

4. We cut the announcement with decorative scissors to give it a "ragged" impression.

5. We divided kraft paper into four parts (I recommend a paper cutter, it will make it easier to work :).

6. We glued the business card paper to kraft.

7. With decorative scissors, we cut out the invitations and put a heart in the upper corners.

8. They glued the rosettes from behind and bent to touch.

9. They tied the notice with a string along with an invitation to a party or a wedding table, adding a tiny eucalyptus twig.

10. We stamped Kraft's envelope.

11. They've written a name and they've been stuck.

12. To use my heart left in my razor, I decorated the envelope.

13. "Voila" and the wedding announcement was done. 🙂

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