How to properly dress yourself and children in winter – tips on winter clothes for children

Winter is here, and some may be thinking about how to dress yourself and children properly so that no one is cold. For all of you, this article is :).

The basis of dressing in winter is quality material suitable for winter and PROPER LAYERING.

What kind of material should we use the most in winter?

I'm going to start with what we shouldn't wear. We should avoid everything being cottony. Cotton soothes moisture, it is not airy, it absorbs sweat, but it does not dife well. Wet t-shirt/tank top = big winter.

On the contrary, clothing made of materials such as quality wool (e.g. merino wool), silk, synthetics, fleeces, are suitable for winter.

How to layer clothes?

There are three basic layers, each with our rules that we should follow if we want to be nice with the kids in the top

1.First and base layer

The first layer is the most important. It is the lower vrtsva clothes that will allow to remove moisture and sweat from our body. With poor material selection, it is the layer that shames us e.g. at sweating.

This layer should be made of materials such as synthetics, silk, merino wool, or wool in combination with nylon or polyester.

2.Second, middle layer

This layer warms us and at the same time isolates the heat. It should be as much as possible on the body (but of course it can not prevent us from moving).

The best material is fleece or (merino) wool.

Manymonths clothing made of merino wool, which we have tried and warmed beautifully, can be seeded on the e-shop

3.Third, external invoiation

This outer layer is the one that will protect us from weather conditions – wind, snow, rain, frost. The material should therefore be mainly water-resistant, airy and, of course, insulated.

So, how do I dress Emma for the big winter?

First layer – stockings, tank top and t-shirt

  • You can get your stockings and merino t-shirt here.

Second layer – warm trousers or warmers, warm socks, warm fleece sweatshirt

Third layer – winter jacket, winter shoes/snow

This ski set is from last year's sézona, but you can get a similar one here.

And of course, cup/neck warmer, hat – on the big winter, Emma still has this super balala – and the gloves I bought in Takk (everywhere else I found huge on such small hands).

  • You can get merino's balacris warm on the coldest days.

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