What you can take free of charge for a baby or toddler on a plane

Air travel is pretty limited at the moment, but it won’t be long, and flying will return to some normal. Then a lot of parents will be interested in what you can take on a plane or have a check-in when traveling with young children.

We’ve already flown with dozens of airlines and the travel conditions have always been the same, but it’s always better to check the airline’s official website or contact them directly when you’re not sure what you can and can’t take on a plane trip with you.

  • An even smaller nipple to the checked baggage. If you’re travelling with a child under the age of 2 and don’t buy him the full price of a ticket (which most people don’t), he’ll have to be on your lap all the way (or if you’re lucky and the plane is not full, he’ll be able to sit next to you), but he’s not entitled to checked baggage. The only thing he is entitled to is a backpack for the plane with all the necessary things to travel by plane, and then he is entitled to check-in two items free of charge, which are listed below. If a child is more than 2 you need to buy a ticket and then the child is entitled normally even to what the adult. That is, checked and cabin baggage according to the company’s terms and conditions and other items specified in the following paragraphs.

So what for children can you take extra and FREE?

Stroller – YES

Any stroller, whether it’s sporty, with a deep hull, golfs, etc. One stroller can be taken for one child. Most of the time, you won’t be able to take him on board the plane. When you ask them at check-in, they allow you to take it to the gate where they take it and return it to you either with the other luggage at the destination, or if you ask them at check-in if they could give it to you right after arrival, it shouldn’t be a problem either.

For a temporary period when you don’t have a stroller and you have a really small child, I recommend taking with you a carrier, which you can normally have on board.

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Car seat – YES

Good news for anyone who wants to rent a car at their destination. The vast majority of airlines allow you to check in the car seat free of charge to your luggage. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a one-year-old car seat or a five-year-old’s car seat. For smaller children it is also possible to take the car seat on board and the child can sit in it during the trip. However, the car seat must meet certain criteria and in this case I would be looking for information directly from a particular company.

Travel cot – YES

It may surprise someone, but you can also take a travel cot with your children and have it checked in for free. But it’s got a little „but.“ You usually get a free travel cot or a car seat.

So if you travel and rent a car, I recommend taking the car seat. If you’re not going anywhere and going on a typical relaxing holiday, take a travel cot and take a taxi on your way to and to the airport, you’ll be looking for a car seat when booking. It shouldn’t be a problem.

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Food and drink – YES, BUT…

But why? It depends on the person who will control you during the traditional airport check. It’s always better to have a backpack in which you have everything for the baby. Food like pastries, biscuits and other durable things, fruits, vegetables, just any non-liquid food without any problems you can take both for the baby and for you. But you can also take fruit pockets to the plane’s backpack, for the smallest cooked glasses (they are always better for inspection), artificial milk (best to have in a transparent, sealed bag the amount you will need on the plane, put the rest in the trunk).

It’s worse with a drink. For children under 2 years of age, you can take a bottle of drink and you will get away with it without any problems. Max will check the bottle. We were traveling with a fresh three-year-old now, and the problem wasn’t anywhere until they had a little talk at two airports in America, but when I said she was fresh 3 and drinking a lot, they did a bottle analysis and they let us do it.

For larger children and adults, I recommend taking an empty bottle and turning the water after the inspection. Often there are places at airports where drinking water flows and what we talk about, the purchased water at the airport is quite expensive fun. And one more little piece of advice. If you’re flying to more distant destinations, check what you can bring to your destination. Since in general, fresh fruits and vegetables mentioned above, you can take the plane without a problem, but again it is often not allowed to be imported to more distant countries. So I recommend you eat everything fresh on the plane, or then you have to throw it away before passport control. Be really careful about that, so you don’t have to pay a fine.

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