Where to go with children on a trip when it is nice – Pardubice Region

Are you looking for a place for a trip that will entertain you as adults, so your children can have fun? Well, that's what these articles are going to be for you. The very first tips for trips with children will be in the Pardubice Region. Other regions will follow, so everyone from different parts of the Czech Republic will come to their own.

What about the interesting places that you can visit with your children in the Pardubice Region?

Pardubice District

Kunětická hora Castle – playground and animals in the foothills

Kunetice Mountain and its surroundings are a great place to spend a pleasant afternoon or all day. You can go out to the castle with a stroller or reflector. Pod Kuňkou is also a playground, a field with animals, and a gingerbread house, which also serves as a gingerbread museum. In the vicinity of Kunětice Hora there is also the Kunětický expres (a cruise train with a capacity of up to 36 people), which makes about a half-hour circuit between the car park under the castle Kunětická hora, a stop at the well, Restaurant pod Kunětická hora and Perníková chaloupka.  You can also reach Kunětická hora by a cycle path – a mostly flat 19 km long route from Pardubice.

There is a paid parking lot below the castle.

Read the article about our excretory on Kunětická hora.

The official website of Kunětice Mountains can be found here.

Zookoutek Vysoké Chvojno

Obora, located in the village of Vysoké Chvojno, where you can see deer, ropes, muflons or taxa. Next to the zoo is the grove "Viselce" and next to it the former hunting lodge of Count Pallavicini. You can reach the zoo corner by following the signs to the pension "Zámeček".

Learn more about the zoo corner on this page.

Rope Centre – Cihelna

Photo: http://www.lanovecentrum-pardubice.cz

The rope centre is divided into multiple parts. The Lanáček route is suitable for children from 3 years of age (under the supervision of parents and from 2 years of age) and consists of 11 children's obstacles topped by a slide. With larger children (from 10 years old), you can dare to ride rope obstacles located at 9.5 meters above the ground. In the area you will find for children a bouncy castle, climbing wall, bungee trampolines, swings and also refreshments.

You can park 20m from the premises.

More information can be found on the official website here.


In the centre of Pardubice is definitely worth a visit pardubice castle (around it leads a pleasant walk), the castle park Tyršovy sady, which won the title Building of the Year 2017 or Pernštýnské náměstí with the Green Gate. You can also spend a pleasant afternoon on the Elbe boat arnošt, for example, up to Kunětice, you can take the reflector and return along the Elbe along the already mentioned cycle path.

Chrudim District

Exotics at bítovany ranch

In the small village of Bítovany, a short walk from Slatiňany, you will find a small family zoo that specializes in both domestic and exotic animals. There are horses, sheep, llamas, kangaroos, raccoons, cats or lemus and many others. There is also a children's playground and snacks on site.

Admission is 100,-/adults and children from 3 years for 50,-.

Free parking is available next to the property.

More information can be found on the official website.

Slatiňany – castle, stud farm, cat castle, lookout tower Bára, rope centre

Head to Slatiňany to the castle for a day's (maybe two-day) trip. You can visit there with children both the castle inside and the beautiful surroundings of the castle, which includes a beautiful English park, in which you can see horses from the stud farm, which also belongs to the castle and to which the Slatiňany are also known.

Parking is possible near the castle.

After a tour of the castle and park, I recommend continuing on to the Cat's Playhouse, which is a scale of the castle, where children can enjoy the "conquest" of the castle. The nature trail starts at the southern entrance gate of the castle park. At The Cat's Playhouse you can either turn around and continue back to the car park on the same path, or you can continue on (along the green sign about 500m) to the Monaco restaurant, where you'll love to refresh yourself and the kids can play in the playground for a while.

The trail to the Cat's Playhouse is not quite suitable for strollers, although we also got there with a field stroller :).

The Bára Lookout Tower is a short walk from The Cat's Playhouse, which is less than 1.2 miles away by the blue tourist trail. It is a unique wooden lookout tower, from which in sunny weather there are wonderful extinks and right next to it is a children's rope park for children from 12 years of age. Here, too, there is the possibility of a small snack.

Good food can also be enjoyed in the restaurant "U Zámku"

And who in slatiňany did not queue for the famous ice cream, as if he were not even in Slatiňany. Take the frozen here at the exit from Slatiňany towards Nasavrky on the right.

Grandma's backyard – Licibořice

A nice place for families with children, where you will learn all about the traditional economy. Pets can be not only viewed, but also pets and fed. Children (maybe even adults :)) will learn what cep or solve.

In Grandma's backyard you can also refresh yourself or buy products from sheep's wool, cheeses, children's toys

Opening hours, photos and more can be found here.

Celtic Nature Trail at Nasavrk

Photo: http://www.nasavrky.cz/chci-si-projit-keltskou-stezku/ms-2384/p1=57

The circular trail, on which there are 20 educational boards and which is 9.5 km long, starts from the Celtic Archeopark at Nasavrky Castle and leads through a beautiful landscape – around the waterfall to the village of Hradiště, the Boika lookout tower or to the stone Celtic circle.

The trail is not difficult and if you have a sports stroller you can take it with you.

Read more about Celtic Land here.

Trail of a young forester near Trhové Kamenice

The trail, which is located between Trhová Kamenice and Nasavrky, is 400 m long and contains 10 sites. At each post, a specific task is prepared for children – animal rebounds, zignazed, cone throw on the bark beetle and more.

There's also an outdoor gym by the trail – there's a combined assembly, a chain bridge, a handrail, a bar and a round turn.

Because the trail may be harder to find (we wandered, and we're local), I prefer gps here: 49.814946 15.789685

If you don't go for a walk in the woods or mushrooms, this trip will take you about 30 minutes, max an hour.

ViveK Hill

The museum in nature you will find on Merry Hill will definitely enchant you. Small cottages, a total of 30 buildings where you'll find out how they used to be. These exhibitions bear testimony to the life and work of small peasants from the first half of the 19th century. In the mid-20th century, the 19th century was the first of its past Century.

 Interesting events are held regularly in the open-air museum, e.g. in the open-air museum. fairs, markets, demonstration of traditional production.

A lot of other information about Merry Hill can be found on the official website.

If there is no event, it is possible to pass the settlement free of charge.

Hlinsko – Bethlehem

Together with Veselý Hill, The Bethlehem of Hlinecký is part of the Vysočina Folk Building Ensemble. The log cabins, which can be found in the centre of Hlinsko itself, are here in the first half of the 18th century. In the 19th century, small town craftsmen were built.

You can not only walk through this hlinecsection part, but you can also look inside with a guide.

In some logs you will find a shop, another information centre, or a restaurant.

I recommend visiting the Mandala café and tasting their delicious cupcakes or the mandala vegetarian eatery, which works over lunch.

There is also a children's playground right by the river.

In winter, the ski slope, part of which runs above the road, will delight the athletes in Hlinsko.

And if you're in Hlinsko for the evening, be sure to visit our pub U All Saints, where you can have a good beer or wine in addition to a delicious and huge pizza 🙂

After Hlinskem towards Krounu/Polička, also visit the Vojtěchovská lookout tower, from which you will have wonderful views of Pardubice, Chrudim, Orlické Hory and Kralický sněžník and sometimes you can see up to the Giant Mountains.

Seč Dam, Oheb Ruins

The Seč Dam attracts swimming in summer, but also a walk, along this dam is beautiful. A beautiful view of this dam is just down the hill, where the ruins of Oheb Castle are also located.

The ruins can be accessed on foot along the green sign (turn-off to the castle) from road No. 343 from Seč around the Seč dam in the direction of Trhová Kamenice.

In the town of Seč itself you will find the Renaissance Church of St. Laurel from 1620 and a Renaissance chateau with a valuable portal, which is also the seat of the municipal office.

Paris Dam

Another beautiful dam worth your attention is the Pařížov Dam and where you can look right after visiting Seč, as they are only 7.5 miles apart. Free parking is available at the dam and you can walk around the area.

Pasíčka Rescue Station, Gateway to Prehistoric Times

The rescue station and the Pasíčka ecocentre is the place where they take care of injured or somehow handicapped animals. The exhibition part of the premises consists of permanently handicapped animals living in the Czech Republic. The information kiosk offers the possibility of sitting, small refreshments and for children there is also a playground with a slide.

Part of the station is also geopark Brána do prehistoric times, where you can see with children what this area looked like in ancient prehistoric times. Reaching for exhibits is allowed in the exhibition, on the contrary, it is a necessary necessity. The exhibition is intended for all age groups. Access to a large part of the exhibition is barrier-free, many exhibits are complemented by labels in Braille.

From the geopark there is also an educational trail to Nový Bor, which is a gateway to Toulovc's Maštalí for a change.

You can find more about this station here.

Planetary Trail Proseč

At the Municipal Library in Proseč, a trail begins to learn all about our solar system. The circular trail is a model of our system in a ratio of 1:1 billion and is about 8 km long.

While walking along this trail, you can also visit the Terezka Lookout Tower, which leads along the trail. You will learn all about this project on this website.

Svitavy District

Minifarm Falbgery – Borová

Go to The Pine Zoo with about 30 species and breeds of animals. During the guided tour you will learn about the life of local animals. You will also be able to ride on a pony, flood the on a leash, or feed the Göttingen minipigs.

Read more here.

Svojanov Castle

One of the oldest royal castles in the Czech Republic. You can only visit the outdoor area, which you can see for yourself, or the interior areas of the castle with a guide (there are two circuits). If you want to experience what it is like to live in the castle, you can stay in this castle directly.

Toulovc's Maštale

The toulovcova Maštale nature reserve extends over the range of the district of Chrudim and Svitavy. These are sandstone rock formations.  The system of knots of gorge forms a hidden rock town, which is intertwined with a system of corridors, caves and holes with interesting names such as Kitchen, Cellar, Mouse Hole or Bell.

Trails are not suitable for strollers or reflectors.

There is an extensive network of bike paths in the area, which will take you through the beautiful local countryside.

From where, where, Jake routes and other details can be found e.g. Here

Litomyšl – castle, square

The hometown of Bedřich Smetana is worth a visit. Stop by the castle, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Next to the castle is a unique rope park.

Monastic gardens can be found a short walk from the castle gardens.

Smetana Square will excite everyone with its architecture. At Choco café, be sure to try the chocolate candies they make here.

There is also a lovely playground just outside the square, which you can't miss with the kids.

Mladějov narrow-gauge

Children and adults who love trains will definitely be excited about this attraction. A cruise train drawn by the original steam locomotives from 1918 and 1929 on a narrow-gauge track with a gauge of only 600 mm.

The narrow-gauge track leads through beautiful nature along the slope of Hřebečovský ridge. The train only runs a few times a day and it is good to check the final time on the official website.

Ulisean District

Nové Hrady – chateau, branch with taxa and muflons

The surroundings of Nové Hrady Castle, which is called Czech Versailles, are so beautiful and after the new owners started taking care of the castle, the place only flourishes. You can spend the whole day here. In addition to the interior of the castle, visit beautifully landscaped gardens, labyrinth, horse stables, motobike museum or hat gallery, where there is an aviary with parrots.  But even the walk around the castle itself will definitely excit you.

There is a field near the castle, where you can see a lot from the nearby taxa or deer. Animals can also be seen from the wooden view point on the pasture behind the Cycling Museum

Entrance to the premises is paid: 60,-/adult. There is also a fee for access to the castle, labyrinth, gallery and museum separately. Check the prices on the official website. But even a walk around the gardens and the circuit around the castle is really worth it.

There is also a café and a restaurant on site.

Parking is possible under lock and key in the (i suspect) paid parking lot.

Pinguin Park Ceska Trebova

A resort full of attractions that excites not one small creature. Children in the park will have a ride on pedal cars, slides, scooters, trampolines or monkey tracks. There is also a water section, so take your children's spare clothes just in case.

Free private parking is available on site.

More information can be found here.

Cycle path through the Valley of Tichý Orlice from Chocně to Letohrad

One of the most beautiful bike paths in the Czech Republic ever. The road to Letohrad leads through a beautiful valley along the River Tichá Orlice, it is not challenging, with minimal elevation, 35 km long, for the most part suitable for in-line skaters.

In general, Ústí-Orlicko is famous for its large network of cycle paths. You can learn more about bike paths in this article.

Natural maze in Brandýs nad Orlicí

Between the j. A. monument. Comenius and The Silent Eagle in Brandýs nad Orlicí you will find a natural maze that depicts meridians and parallels on the square. The season here begins in May and ends on the last weekend of September. The price of admission is 40,- and 25,- for admission reduced.

Prehistoric settlement Křivolík

Near the village kozlov near Česká Třebová grew the prehistoric settlement Křivolík. This is a natural museum and archaeological center. The purpose of this settlement is to best approach and inform about prehistoric times. In case of action on Křivolík you can also meet prehistoric inhabitants.

Parking is best at the restaurant Na Hory and then walk along the green tourist trail to the signpost "Uhrovy mines" and then take the blue tourist trail. This trip will take you about 1.5 to 2 hours. Admission is voluntary.

You can read more about the settlement here.

If you want to take a small trip around the area, I recommend reading this article, where you will learn about the 4 km long circuit from Kozlov through this village Křivolík.

Grandma's farm – Líšnice u Žamberk

Minifarm in the village of Líšnice is a beautiful cruise place where you will see the pets of our countryside. You can see and experience here grandma's menagerie, herb garden, willow-proof labyrinth, feel-good walkway, or Saturday horseback riding In Grandpa's pantry there is also some goodness to ward off hunger. There is also a children's playground.

You can spend an hour here as well as the whole day :). Free parking is available on site.

Do you know of any other place? Write it for others here in the comments. So where are you going? 🙂

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