Things to see and do in Tyrol – Kaiserwinkl area

When you say Tyrol. What do you imagine? I've always imagined beautiful mountains, scenery and grazing cows. And I wasn't far from the truth. It was just actually a lot more beautiful than in pictures and videos on the Internet and in magazines. The Kaiserwinkl area of Tyrol is a popular ski destination in winter. The famous slopes can be found in Hochkössen and Zahmer Kaiser & Amberglift.

On the other hand, the area offers a plethora of wonderful places and activities even outside the winter season.

The Kaiserwinkl region, with its breathtaking nature intertwined with typical Alpine folk architecture, is truly unique.

Nature lovers will find their way here. Dozens of crystal clear lakes surrounded by mountains, a plethora of hiking and cycling trails and plenty of opportunities (not only) adrenaline sports. Summer here belongs to paragliders, mountain tourism, rafting and cyclists. And for those who would not be enough nature and playgrounds almost everywhere, there are endless possibilities to spend your free time with children.

So what about not to miss in the Kaiserwinkl region of Tyrol (not only with children)

When it's nice:

Walchsee – toboggan run, pedalo rides

The small town on the shores of the lake of the same name is not so crowded with tourists, but for this it offers a plethore of different activities. From a leisurely walk through the architecturally interesting city centre to swimming in the lake, fooling around in the lake water park, a ride on the lake on pedal boats to a bobsleigh track.

The Walchsee Bobsleigh Track is even two parallel tracks that wind through beautiful nature. You will pass a 70 m long bridge, underpass and ten oversteered turns. Riding can be a great experience for the whole family.

Information about the bobsleigh track can be found here.

Cable car in Kössen/Hochkössen

Head up to the clouds… From the Hochkössen ski area, take the cable car to the top of The Unterberghorn Mountain (1800m above .m). At the top of the mountain is a popular place for paraglidersin summer , of which there were perhaps more than "ordinary" tourists during our visit. Of course, you can also walk to the top or you can take the cable car only up and then walk down.

The cable car leads directly tothe restaurant , so you can enjoy lunch or dinner on site with spectacular views of Lake Walchsee and the kaiserwinkl area. There's also a children's playgroundat the restaurant , so kids can have fun.


In Kössen, the main architecturally interesting city in tyrol's Kaiserwinkl region, you will find plenty of beautiful restaurants and cafés with a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, in summer, markets are held regularly every week and local specialties can be purchased, among other things. There are fun and creative playgrounds for children and a children's playground.

Huge network of hiking and cycling trails

The area around Kössen is literally interwoven with various trails suitable for both mountain hiking and cycling. That's why this area is suitable for family trips and active holidays.

From the saddle of the bike you can observe the breathtaking natural scenery.

Like this one:

Walk with llamas in beautiful Alpine nature

Jodlerhof Farm offers a great way to get to know llamas up close. First, the owner takes you to the stables and explains how llamas live and behave. You will learn a lot of interesting information. Did you know, for example, that llamas are among the camels and that they do not spit on people, but only on their own when they are angry with each other, or when they are ordering themselves in the herd?

A walk with these animals and still in such a breathtaking landscape of Tyrol is an unforgettable experience and I recommend this experience to all (not only families with children).

For more information (in German only) specifically about this farm, see:

Kufstein Fortress

A town that is not in vain nicknamedthe Pearl of Tyrol. The city boasts a beautiful, massive fortress, picturesque square, narrow streets full of cafés, wine bars and shops, and many other historical monuments.

And other places that unfortunately we couldn't keep up with for time reasons:


The smallest but most cozy place in Kaiserwinkl. Rettenschöss is just 5 minutes from the Walchsee. The possibilities of hiking in the surrounding mountains are endless. Popular destinations nearby are Wandberg, Geigelstein and Spitzstein or – a little further away – Zahme Kaiser and Wilder Kaiser.

Raritätenzoo Ebbs

If you want to experience a bit of exoticism in the middle of Tyrol, head to the famous zoo in Ebbs. More information can be found in Czech on their official website:

Triassic Park – world of dinosaurs

Half an hour's drive from Kössen, you can go back several hundred million years in time and visit the wonderful world of dinosaurs. There is also another cable car within the park.

More info:

Familienland Adventure Park

If you're looking for theme parks, this is definitely a choice for you. About half an hour from the town of Kössen there is a family adventure park, in which with its area of more than 20,000 m2 and over 50 attractions there is no danger of anyone getting bored here.

More information can be found here:

When it rains:

Of course, a lot of the places and activities I mentioned earlier can be visited and done in the rain. Because as you know, it's not bad weather, it's bad ;). Still, here are some tips on what to do if the weather doesn't quite want to.

The very first advice I advise is to find accommodation that offers a plethora of activities inside. Such as the Seehof hotel, where we stayed and where there would be something to do after a week.

In other cases, check out these tips:


A small town in the heart of the Alps. It's Kitzbühel. Even if it rains, you're going to love this town. It is not only historical, but offers a plethora of cafes, restaurants with renowned local cuisine, bars, boutiques, cinemas and a casino. You're not going to get bored here.


Just an hour's drive from kaiserwinkl, you can visit a place where everything is literally upside down. Tirolland. You can visit here like a house where everything is inside out or the world of dinosaurs. I'm sure you won't regret visiting this place.

More info on the official website:

Source: Official Tirolland Website


Do you need to tire the kids? Head to the giant children's centre full of fun and adventure an hour's drive from Kössen. Try a giant slide with the kids, play football, shoot at each other with shooting guns (soft balls), try go-karts or climb a climbing wall. Tired children and parents are a certainty after a few hours of fun in the park. 🙂

Learn more here:

Swarovski Crystal World

Just over an hour's drive away, you'll find a museum where everything glitters with beautiful Swarovski crystals. The museum is both outdoor and indoor and has 17 chambers of wonders. In this fantasy world, you can believe for a moment that miracles happen.

And if you think this place is just for grown-ups, I can assure you, they've been thinking about the little ones here. And so outside, children can enjoy a playground, a maze and a unique carousel. Inside, they will have great fun in the form of a four-storey tower, which offers a variety of activities from swinging, climbing, sliding to trying out their own logic or memory.

For more information, see:


What about you and Tyrol?Have you been there? Have you heard specifically about the Tyrolean kaiserwinkl region? You can also read more about the area (in Both German and English) on the official website

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