First Birthday gift Tips

The first birthday is coming and you don't know what to buy for your little sweetie? Well, I had a huge problem of orientated on such a crowded toy market. Moreover, with this 365 days old man, any donated thing is a bit vabank. Either she will accept her in her Toy story, or her story will end just with her undoing.

Here are my gift tips for 1. Anniversary babies, which are suitable for both girls and boys:

Music table 

Emmička likes music very much. As soon as he hears something that has a rhythm, he slaps his hands, jumps to the rhythm or stomps his legs. Who's the girl? 🙂 So giving her as a gift something musical was a clear choice.

This wooden music table from Legler is from 2 years old, but as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it. Because it's made of wood. Fortunately, Emmička fell in love with him and is glad to be able to play it.

The second table-interactive-we chose because Emmička has nothing to play and to be able to influence so many things by pressing different buttons. Music tables are insanely power on the Internet. The table from Doris brand, which we bought here, but we liked it because of how many different options it offers. And the driving train in the middle is great! Definitely one of the best gifts of this type for us.

Note: Unfortunately, I found out that this table is no longer available. If you know where to get it again, be sure to let me know. A lot of people would be worth it.


Emmičky books are the most popular toy! She likes to flip, browse, show and entertain her for a very long time. I have focused mainly on books that further develop her perception, fine motor skills, hearing and whose new vocabulary. Many of these books are published by the publishing house Svojtka and you can choose a book for your birthday party here.

The sound book is a great tip, because the baby will recognize new sounds.

Books with Montessorri elements are another great tool to explore the world

Personal books

Even if the annual baby is still learning to perceive itself, he certainly recognizes and hears his name. That is why these personal books will surely make him very happy. You can buy personal books from the Blue Elephant publishing house.


We really wanted to think of the reason that she likes to do something and push ahead. We finally picked this "Jeep" (so that Dad had joy). But we wanted the four wheels to be more stable. So far, Emmička is just sitting on it, letting it go, or grabs the backrest, and it's like an active walker. That's what she did at home in the same way from the different things she could catch and move. In addition, he has a swing seat where Emmička hides his treasures.


A boy or a girl? They like everyone, Emmia's not. He pushes it in front of him or wants to carry it. For example, you can buy it here at


Emmička got him for Christmas, when she was almost 10 months old and she's excited about it now. The jungle is just great! You buy here.

Animal in hand

These animals are beautiful only by the fact that they are only in the hands of a small crumb, in addition, they can move with their limbs and emit sounds. For me one of the TOP toys! Emmička will recognize animals not only in the book, not only in the sound, but still get them! Unfortunately, I will not write where you buy them, because Emmička got them as a gift and a box where the brand would be, we no longer have.


Children will have fun jumping for quite a long time. Emmička got a cow from Doris for Christmas, jumping on it starts only now around the year. Moreover, it is a little unstable and overhanging (the cow), but if you watch the child, nothing can happen.

Ergonomic crat/wax

Doodle with a pencil that leaves no traces on your body or clothes, and if there's a line on the table by MISTAKE, it's easy to wash.  This is a dream for all parents! Moreover, it is ergonomic. But I'm sure you don't expect the babies to last for hours. From the beginning you will be glad, at any moment. But it's great to get acquainted with such a wonderful thing as painting or if you want to draw.

First Lego or jigsaw puzzle

Lego Duplo from one year or any jigsaw for kids is a crack gift. We Lego still have some leftovers after us, so we didn't buy it. I bought her the Mole pyramid. It's been one year, but the rod is a bit dangerous because the kids still put everything in their mouth so they don't hit it when they move. Otherwise, it's a very nice toy.

But Emmička got this kit from Mega Bloks-Pink Cabriolet. With the car, she likes to ride, separate the roof and build a kit.

Booties, slippers

Children usually start dating around the year. Here are the capons that Emmička got.

More Gift Ideas

If you go to a baby for the first birthday, you will surely not make a mistake even if you donate some clothes, which is never enough, just like felt, sunars and more.

Fantasy is simply not the limits. So what would you choose? 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

Your Verča

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