7 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Outside

The fact that children should spend much of the day outdoors is a well-known fact. But why is it so important?

What does it help kids play outside? 

1. Improves physical development

Exercise, sport and active play helps children in physical development and abilities, such as balance, flexibility, rough and savoury motor skills. Studies show that with outdoor activity, children burn far more calories, and also strengthen muscles and bones more. In addition, staying outdoors in the sun helps to acquire vitamin D, which is so important to all of us and which, among other things, reduces the likelihood of chronic diseases.

2. Soothes and improves the psyche

Every physical activity flushes out endorphins, the so-called "endorphins". hormones of happiness. This makes children feel good when playing and playing outdoors. In addition, staying outdoors helps to reduce the stress that children can feel (it's really not just an adult problem!). Anything at school, kindergarten, but also at home can be stressful for kids. Staying outdoors will help them escape from the daily routine.

3. Exploring the world around us

What's more for children than getting to know and discovering the world around us? Everything you talk about at home, what they learn at school and kindergarten, children can get to know each other and try outside. The opportunity to see, feel and experience it all gives children a wider perspective and easier to articulate what they've ever heard or seen in the picture. This will give them a greater connection.

4. Stay in the fresh air

Fresh air is the basis for health. For those who live in the city, sometimes it can be a problem to get into nature as such, but staying in nature and in the fresh air is really important for the children's organism. But you don't have to go somewhere in the woods 🙂 right now. Just go to the nearest park or the playground. Families who live in a family home can then build their own playgroundin the garden

Wickey offers beautiful and affordable children's playgrounds made of quality wood. Check out their pages (link below) where you'll find a large selection of pitches of different sizes even in different price ranges. Thanks to the impregnation that protects the wood against weather conditions, it is no longer necessary to paint the wood. In general, any Wickey playground is affordable.

5. Improves vision

Various research shows that staying outdoors in natural light is much better for the eyes than in artificial light at home. With regular stay outside, the likelihood of myopia is far lower.  Not to mention how negative the effect on the eyes has daily screen watching (TV, mobile, computer). 

6. Helps you create social bonds

Children should learn how to behave in the company of other children/people. They shouldn't be isolated. Joint and organized sports teach children how to work together and work in a team. But even unorganized playing outdoors, children among others learn how to get along, how to communicate and play together.

7. Improves immune function

My parents aren't usually happy about it, but kids love dirt, mud, sand, puddles, and just everything that can get pretty dirty. They don't worry about it completely and simply do what's most interesting to them. They're getting to know the world. Children by not avoiding dirt and bacteria are building their immune systems. On the contrary, those children who live in the so-called sterile environments are much more related to various diseases at a later age, according to various researches.

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