Travel apps for the smallest

When we travel longer routes, whether by car or plane, I look for suitable apps for a tablet that we could use if Emma ceases to entertain books, stickers, magnetic chart, singing, poems, etc. 

Finding a suitable app for young children like this takes quite a bit of time. And even though every child enjoys something different, I'd like to show you the apps that emma enjoys the most at the moment and that are suitable for children under 5 years of age.

Note. All apps can be found in both android and iOS versions (unless otherwise stated).

House cleaning

An app in which children help the teddy bear clean up his house, in which he has a big mess and learns where which thing belongs properly. Emma likes that every time she completes an individual task, the teddy bear "slaps" with her. A very good game that Emma will last for a really long time.

Fun for Toddlers

An app that teaches children to compose different images and develop them in poznavani shape. There are several games in the free version in the application, the full version is charged about 79,-.


A beautiful app that teaches children to get to know colors and different contexts. There's more like an app from the same developer. Maybe even beautiful coloring pages. Full version is always valid. All we need is the free one. Yet. 🙂


The application is really suitable for the very smallest. Emmička has known her since she was 15 months old. She's been playing with her sometimes, but she won't last that long. When touching things and animals, children watch the sound change/release, etc. The machine and the first wagon are free. The rest must be bought for 79,-

Tobík cleans (iOS only)

Application that is whole in Czech. The principle of the game is to clean up the scattered objects on the floor and put them in the right place.

Fairy tales

Great app from, where it is possible to download a lot of fairy tales and then to the children without the need to play internet connection.

Applications from Czech Television 

  • Magic train – a very nice app where children help orphans from a magical kindergarten clean up the mess
  • Menagerie – an application where children become a veterinarian and treat sick and injured animals.


An app that helps me when Emma doesn't want to brush her teeth :). As soon as I say they're going to have to rip her teeth, like the animals in this app, she's going to clean them voluntarily. Plus, she enjoys playing this game and being a "real" dentist for a while.

Children under the age of 5 do not last very long for one game, therefore we change them relatively often. I'll be writing another article soon, which apps are currently up to date with us 🙂

And what games and apps do your kids do?

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