Tips for Christmas gifts for children under 3 years

Christmas is coming, and everyone is sure to have a hint of a gift that could make the smallest of them happy.

That’s why I thought it would be an article where I would summarize the toys that Emmička has and likes to play with, and a couple of toys that I would like to buy this year, could be useful to others. 

Note: The Text with reference to the toy is always highlighted in red and bold.

Interactive toys

A Tablet from Fisher Price. It has three levels, so children learn to know different things in the pictures, but also for example letters. There are also songs that children like. Suitable from 1 year

From Fisher Price We had this phone, but unfortunately we lost somewhere on the road. But if Emmička now sees him somewhere on the visit, he’s playing with him right away. Suitable from 6 months to 3 years.

  • ALBI Pencil

This pencil is a helper in our travels, where he can entertain for a long time, but also Emmička will amazingly win with her at home. Albi Pencil teaches children to know things, animals and the whole surrounding world, narrates tales, stories, sings, teaches children the languages. Everything according to the book you take to it. You can also record your own songs or sound. I recommend for children from about 2 years. They can’t control the pencil before. Albi pencil can be picked up at the Albi eshop.

Musical instruments

It’s more demanding for parents, but it’s more fun for kids. And lead the kids to music from the little ones? That’s fine. You can get these tools on the eshop.


We like books from the publishing house Svojtka and also personalized books by the publisher Modrý Slon.

Games for professions

  • Kitchen/shop/Ponk

A dream about every little child is to have something they can be and behave like grown-ups, but be there with their masters. Kitcheners, shops, pons, etc. These are exactly the things that are taught by what will be useful to them once in adulthood. Emmička finally gets the kitchen this year, but in kindergarten she likes to play with a pony and repairs a little house:) I think that with such gifts the children will win about from 1.5 years.

You can get this beautiful kitchen at the eshop

  • Tea set-the kitchen can be bought a lot of other accessories. Like a tea set.
  • Moneybox

Another of the things that gives children a sense of importance. They learn how to manipulate money and understand how it works:) in this adult world.

  • Moisture/Car

This beautiful lube, the treasure chest and tea set is also from eshop

  • Doll House

Have your own house and your kingdom? That’s something wonderful for such a little bit! This is from the eshop

  • Doll/Toy Car

What would be a childhood without a big doll and a toy car? And I do not think that the dolls would be just for girls and toy cars for boys. On the contrary, even the boys should learn how to take care of the “baby” and even the little girls would surely be pleased to have a car that they can ride in the room.

Something for creativity

Developing imagination at such an early age is really important. Therefore, you should not forget such toys.

  • Lego/Kits-for younger kids, Lego Duplo is a good fit for kids from 1 year
  • Stickers-which children do not like to stick? There are also 3D stickers that are more suitable for smaller children.


  • Puzzlefor the very smallest
  • Memory game-The original tactic memory game
  • Rainbow Rhinestones-A very nice processing of stones and something for which children can develop imagination, but also learn to know the colors.
  • My first games and dominoes-a set of games for children from 3 years, which I plan to buy even emmia. Like this domino and many other games you can get from the Czech company Efko.

Motoric Toys

  • Catching fish

Unfortunately I do not remember where we have this toy (there are large parts, so it is suitable for children under 2 years), but they can buy different. Lidl, for example, sells such a similar.

A cool thing about undischarged energy and still the kids practicing motor skills. Suitable for children from 2 years. I recommend to buy at Ikea. We originally bought the brand Woody and the pins are easy to fall off, so children do not have to exert any strength or effort and the hammer has become unglued after three days.

  • Bowling for the smallest

These animal cones are smaller than traditional ones but are wooden (which I usually prefer) very nicely processed. You can buy it here on eshop

Toys suitable for active movement

  • Wooden Swing

We’ve tried this wooden swing so far on various visits and always had success. Finally, Emmička will see her at home:) It has a wide use (swing, climbing frame, slide and more) and can be combined with other straits. We have from the page

  • Hopsage

Emmička got this cow for her first Christmas. But she had begun to shave her from a year and a half. And she’s getting on her all the time and more:) You can buy it here, for example.

  • Children’s armchairs

A piece of small “furniture” tailored for young children will make you happy to every little man. We have exactly that.

On the outside


A light motorbike will be used by children from 15 months of age (at least Emmička started to train at that time. I recommend the reflector for children from 2 years. There is a large number of Reflectedel on the market. An article about what kind of reflector we have and why you can find it here.


The scooter gets Emmička under the tree. Every time she sees her, she’s got to be on her right now. So this is a clear choice for us this year. I like decathlon.


I don’t know if Emmička gets her under the tree. We’d rather leave it for spring. But from the trampoline he can always go mad, so I totally see her joy when she sees her in the garden! There are also smaller trampolines, which are also suitable for home. Like that.

́s slide

Who didn’t like to slide as a child? All children are fond of sliding. A wide selection can be found here.

You can also find more tips in the article tips for first birthday gifts.

So it was my pretty extensive selection of gift tips under the tree. And what will appear on Christmas Day under your tree? Share with others.

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